NYS Tourism Budget

  • Matching Grants Program realizes $500K more

    NYSH&TA was glad to see an extra $500K was added to the state Matching Grants Program for a total of $4.315M. That issue was one of  the Association’s top priorities this Legislative Session as it is vital to the state’s regional marketing programs, as the state money is matched dollar-for-dollar with regional tourism agencies. Below is the complete funding breakdown for 2016-2017. A thank you to the Senate and Assembly for getting the extra $500K in the Budget.


    Statement & Schedule on Minimum Wage

    Following months of full-time lobbying on behalf of the state’s lodging industry, the new minimum wage increases included in the State Budget are unfortunate, and will certainly be burdensome for the state’s lodging industry. While the $15 threshold originally discussed for upstate was not realized (it will be $12.50 on Dec. 31, 2020) a minimum wage hike for the next 5 years is, to say the least, a difficult proposition for small businesses.

    NYSH&TA’s leadership appreciated the support it received from those who fought to curtail this minimum wage proposal in an effort to keep New York State as economically competitive as possible.


    Paid Family Leave

    Following the passage of this 2016-2017 Executive Budget, the state’s lodging businesses will be forced to participate in what is now the most expansive Paid Family Leave law in the nation. When fully phased-in, employees will be eligible for 12 weeks of paid family leave when caring for an infant, a family member with a serious health condition or to relieve family pressures when someone is called to active military service.


    Room Remarketer

    The 2016-2017 Executive Budget streamlines the collection of sales tax on remarketed hotel rooms. The purchase of hotel room occupancies by room remarketers such as Travelocity or Hotels.com would be exempt from the sales tax when those purchases are made from hotels for later resale to consumers.


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